Product Demo: Nicky Moon Custom Cup Chimes

In building a new percussion set up for a groove program to be named later, I asked cymbalsmith Nicky Moon to make some cup chimes for me. We corresponded a bit about what I wanted them to do, and Nicky NAILED it. This was the first time I have ever hired a custom shop to do something like this and was very pleasantly surprised. You can learn more about his artistry here:

**NOTE I have NOT been paid to post this, I paid for the chimes arms-length and am sharing what I learned with you, because that's what teachers do!**

Product review! Zildjian K Sweet Crash 18"

You have to be careful when you are shopping online for cymbals (especially if they are hand hammered like Zildjian Ks are). Every cymbal is a bit different, slightly differing in attack or decay or overtones, and I analogize it to non-musicians as if you are sampling wines.  No matter how consistent the manufacturing process is, no two bottles of wine of the same vintage from the same winery will taste identical.