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Student Recital Video: Tommy M plays 12/8 Rolls

One things that grooveKSQ students will learn is a lot of rudimental drumming and technique, as that informs almost every other musical drumming style. In this video, we see student Tommy M, who is playing a 12/8 rolls exercise at a high level.

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A Thank You to Woodland Percussion


We want to thank our event sponsor, Woodland Percussion, for their support in making the June Student Recital possible. 

Woodland Percussion specializes in creating handcrafted percussion instruments. From basic hand percussion to custom stave snares and drum kits, each instrument is individually crafted, ensuring every piece is as unique as the musicians that play them. In addition to our own products, we are delighted to offer a number of unique percussion accessories from brands such as Evans, Vic Firth, Promark, Zildjian, Puresound, Lowboy Beaters, Keplinger Drums, Spinbal, Drumkubes, Big Fat Snare Drum, Latin Percussion, Tackle Instrument Supply Co. and many more! 

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Notes from our first Drum Circle

First, a huge thank you to Emily Spahr and Caryn Cziriak for facilitating groove’s first drum circle. We’re all looking forward to doing another one in November, and that date will be identified shortly.

We had an enthusiastic group tonight, and it was a blast to watch the interaction and communication happening between the players without any verbal cues at all. This is why music in general and percussion specifically is such a powerful force.

Here are some images from tonight’s drum circle…