Product review! Zildjian K Sweet Crash 18"

You have to be careful when you are shopping online for cymbals (especially if they are hand hammered like Zildjian Ks are). Every cymbal is a bit different, slightly differing in attack or decay or overtones, and I analogize it to non-musicians as if you are sampling wines.  No matter how consistent the manufacturing process is, no two bottles of wine of the same vintage from the same winery will taste identical.   

With buying cymbals online, the buyer is at a bit of a disadvantage.  There is no substitute for hearing the instrument live.  Online, you are at the mercy of the drum shop's technical ability, their quality of mics and recording techniques and whether or not they used any equalization that might skew the actual sound of the instrument.  

What you see and hear in the video was recorded on an iPhone X with a Shure MV-88 lightning mic.  There is no equalization on the audio track so when I strike the cymbal, that is the sound out in the air.  

Overall, this is a beautiful sounding instrument, and I'll post some video of this crash cymbal playing with my band so you can hear it in context.   HIGHLY recommended though.