Thinking Ahead...

It’s never been easy for me to stand still. 

So over the years, vacations have turned into time that I can spend planning. 

When I was looking at the waves this week, I spent some time reflecting on the fact that grooveKSQ started in earnest around this time last year.  The time has gone very quickly. 

While groove’s first birthday isn’t really until November 1, when we opened our doors, I can now look back on the development of the business and see new opportunities for programming in 2019 and 2020.

Another series of grooveLIVE streams featuring great acoustic musicians from the area. 

More private lessons. 

More public performance events for students. 

More partnerships with the Kennett Community and beyond. 

MUCH more content creation. 

In other words, there’s much more to do.  

If you love music, and live performance, and want high quality experiences, come along with me for the ride. 

Send a note to say hello.

Join the email list.  

Follow us on social media and YouTube.

Sponsor a live event or live stream.  

There are a lot of ways to become part of the groove community.  

I hope to hear from you soon. 

Why Study Music? Because It Is FUN!

Why Study Music?  Because It Is FUN!

There has been a lot written about the positive academic benefits of studying music. The pursuit of mastering a musical instrument is a journey of self-discovery and personal development. However, the simplest reason is that making music with other musicians is FUN.

Check out this recent video from a recording session I did last week. The band and I got a good take of a big band tune - the “keeper” take - and went into the control room to listen to it to make sure. Playing well live is one thing. Capturing that live performance on record in a way that communicates to a listener is another matter entirely.

Product Spotlight: Woodland Percussion Gong Drum!

One of the things we enjoy doing here at groove is turning young drummers into GREAT drummers and GREAT musicians.

One of the other things we really dig is spotlighting new or unusual instruments that you don't often get to see, like today.

The good people at Woodland Percussion were nice enough to loan us a 20" x 14" gong drum to review, and it was a BLAST to play. For more information about Woodland Percussion, click here.

NOTE: this is NOT a paid endorsement or advertisement.

If you are interested in studying percussion with Bryan at grooveKSQ, please click here.

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Student Recital Video: Tommy M plays 12/8 Rolls

One things that grooveKSQ students will learn is a lot of rudimental drumming and technique, as that informs almost every other musical drumming style. In this video, we see student Tommy M, who is playing a 12/8 rolls exercise at a high level.

For more information, please visit, or follow the studio on IG, Twitter or FB @grooveKSQ