Why Study Music? Because It Is FUN!

There has been a lot written about the positive academic benefits of studying music. The pursuit of mastering a musical instrument is a journey of self-discovery and personal development. However, the simplest reason is that making music with other musicians is FUN.

Check out this recent video from a recording session I did last week. The band and I got a good take of a big band tune - the “keeper” take - and went into the control room to listen to it to make sure. Playing well live is one thing. Capturing that live performance on record in a way that communicates to a listener is another matter entirely.

Watching the other musicians’ reactions - all smiles and high fives - was a huge reward for a good day’s “work”. At the end of the day, pursuing individual greatness on your instrument is fine, but there is no substitute for playing well in a good ensemble. The feeling of community and joy are something that can not be reproduced elsewhere.