Drumming is a lot like life...

Drumming is a lot like life. You can't bash your way through it all the time. Sometimes (rarely) you have to, but mostly, I find subtlety to be FAR more effective. With drumming, and music also, when you are playing full out all the time, the listener will grow bored very quickly. Music is like conversation, sometimes you yell, sometimes you whisper. The peaks and valleys are what make the trip interesting.

So one of the areas of focus for my more advanced students is dynamic control. Playing a tough passage at forte (loudly) is great….but can you play the same passage with the same intensity and performance level at mezzo piano? That’s one of the overarching goals here: total command of your dynamic abilities, and the pursuit of playing with total control. Control is what separates the elite players from everyone else.

Studying at grooveKSQ is about much more than drumming. There are a few lesson slots open now available. Email me at bryan@grooveksq.com for details.