Life in High Gravity LP Pre-Orders

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Life in High Gravity LP Pre-Orders


Pre-orders for Life in High Gravity, the up coming full length LP by The Bryan Tuk Complex are now available!

Subscribers who purchase a pre-sale copy will get their choice of CD, digital download or vinyl (yes, Vinyl!!!!) when the album is released on September 14, 2019.

On June 19th and 20th, 14 incredible players will come together to record an LP length album at SpectraSound in Quakertown, PA.  The working title of that record is: ConstellationX.  The musicians are some of the very best from the Lehigh Valley, the current and alumni ranks of West Chester University and UArts and Temple University in Philly.

As of right now, the tentative track listing is as follows:

  1. Ya Gotta Try (S. Nestico);

  2. What is Hip? (Tower of Power);

  3. How Deep Is Your Love? (Bee Gees); 

  4. Brother to Brother (G.Vanelli);

  5. Norwegian Wood (Beatles); 

  6. Dream of the Return (P. Metheny). 

This recording will be submitted for consideration for the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards

Thank you for your support!

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